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Default Sinking Issue

Learned swimming when I was 40. I struggled with breathing until I started TI method about 6 months ago.

Main issue -Sinking

I have dense boned so I sink quickly unless I am kicking. Also, I do not have have ankle flexibility reduces my forward movement.

My swim story
I started my TI journey and I was encouraged with all the balance drill. I still kicked a lot to keep my afloat. About two months ago, my TI instructor talked about 2 beat kick and swimming from hips. I realized that I used a lot of my shoulder to propel forward.

When I started training on this one, I hurt my back (old injury) and then my sinking issue became very prominent. I have to say to a point of frustration. I started using fins just to get some movement in the water. When I remove the fins, all the techniques are lost as I get the feeling that I am a foot below the water. Especially when I have to breath, I have to get a slight lift to get air.

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