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Originally Posted by RVL View Post
I cannot find the words to describe the joy , fear, and freedom I experience when I swim out to the B Buoy @ the La Jolla Cove in San Diego. When the swells hide the shore, when the kelp paddies offer me a place to rest, when the pelicans warp past and the sea lions investigate,..I find I`m in another world where the cares of this world drown.
RVL, I'm right there with you. I enjoy the taste of salt water, the choppy water, ebbs, floods, and yes the seals can be interesting but up here in the Bay Area they can get a bit aggressive. But nonetheless, at least for me, open water in particular in the ocean is the best bar none!

Shummai, that's a tall order to do the ultimate to do a 400 IM, I've watched those at the World's and that's no small feat. Good luck with that and keep us posted.

Keep Swimming!
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