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Originally Posted by jan ameling View Post
I have been a (self-taught) swimmer for about four years now, but I don't have any competitive background - despite having been a member of a (masters) swimmingclub.

About half a year ago I decided to start training for open water events. I stopped swimming the other strokes (fly, back, breast) and a while ago I swam my first 2 mile open water race - in which I finished as one of the very last swimmers hahahaha (1 hour and 15 minutes). I had trouble with the orientation in open water (I think I swam well over 2 mile indeed haha)

In order to participate in competitive swimming (in either open water or in the pool), the Dutch system requires you to have what you might call a starterslicence. And if you want to own one of those you need to be a member of a swimmingclub.

Now I'm thinking about joining my local masters group (they are know to have very good trainers who focus a lot on technique) so i can 1) get a starters licence and 2) improve my technique.

Another reason why I considered a masters group is because I find it hard to stay motivated for open water, seeing the fact that these races are only held during June, July, August and September. That's eight months without racing!

So I was wondering what you guys are training for so I can take that into consideration. Do you train solely for open water or do you also train for, say, 200 IM or fly?

Sorry if I didn't make any sense; I have a hard time being concise.
Don't worry your English is fine and totally understood. I can't speak for other forum members but I don't compete in races (never was competitive about sports). But, I do enjoy a challenge and I like pushing myself to do more. At present I am training for a 10k swim that I will do solo in October from the famous Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge. I'm not concerned with the distance so much as being able to stay in the water. The swim will take anywhere from 1-and-a-half hours to two-hours - depending on tide conditions and wind. The water will still be relatively warm at 60 or 61F and if I get a good current I think I can do the swim in 1 1/2 hours

I only swim in the ocean now and rarely in the pool. Too me, the ocean is far more exciting and is never the same way twice in a row!
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