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Thanks all!

My poor descriptions aside, i think I've been reassured that I am at least on the right track!

Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
why not this... Left side skate (left arm extended), left kick into right side skate... over and over?
This is basicaly what I started practicing; I just added in some extra kicks to try and settle myself - but I'll try and pare it back to just one, which should help imprint it more firmly.

Originally Posted by tomoy View Post
It helped me to think of it as 1-beat, not 2-beat. As Suzanne points out, focus on one kick to get you to the other side, and that's all you need to concentrate on to get the timing. After you get comfortable at an intermediate level, I think you'll notice that you're doing a little pre-kick before your kick just to align all the parts, and that then adds up to 2-beats.
This is exactly what i find, and what I think I am seeing when watching videos of Terry; its almost like there is a tiny "reflex" kick on the other side before the main kick. As I said, I feel comfortable switching from right arm skate to left, using a right leg kick; but my left leg first does a little flick before my right leg kicks properly and in sync. What I notice when watching videos of Shinji, is that his legs in this situation are almost prefectly still, and only 1 leg fires, there is no "reflex" pre-kick on the other side.

Originally Posted by CoachNoel View Post
When I now try using a 2 beat kick in spear switch, my transition from right arm skating, across to left, feels pretty good (with a right leg kick). But switching the other way, I am completely unco-ordinated, and more often than not I end up kicking again with my right leg, and balance goes out the window.

The above description is usually the result of the dominant leg always kicking first. (It is usually the right leg that is dominant and that fits your situation.) When you kick with the wrong leg first - you then need the second kick to rotate. So you are not uncoordinated, you just need to sort the kick out.

I am not clear on what you have described for your drill. Just be clear on knowing that as you spear, it is always the opposite leg kicking forward.
i get what you're saying Noel; my only problem is that at the moment when switching from left arm to right arm, my dominant side takes over, which means my left leg does a tiny "pre-kick", my right leg fires as normal, then i try and kick again with my left leg to correct it, and everything goes pear shaped!

I'll keep working and as with most previous things, Im sure i'll get there EVENTUALY; Im not naturaly a patient person, but Ive sure learnt patience so far in my swimming endevours!



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