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Originally Posted by nicka View Post
CoachSuzanne thank you from me also.

I found this exercise a great help too.

I spent 2 hours in the pool today where i would first do this exercise by holding on to the back of my ankles and waiting till i am balanced with my backside rising out of the water then open up the body to the superman position slowly and kick very lightly holding the same balance i felt at the start, i would hold this till i am out of breath and stand up and swim 2*25 meter laps trying to hold the same balance and today i swam better than ever.

It did feel strange at first with the body feeling like it was going to roll completely backward but the patience paid off

I did this over and over for 2 hours.

I did get a lot of funny looks though :)
Funny looks are means you're doing something un-conventional...which in the swimmign world, usually means you are doing something better.
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