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Okay, I tried it as a what-the-hell after some time trials, expecting not much . . . jellyfish float . . . no big deal - but then that reach down, hip jacking thing happened . . . Holy Cow . . . hips snapped up 6 inches . . . the hanging feet levitated . . .

You're absolutely right . . . its magical. The feeling is distinct (never felt those muscles working exactly that way before). Some kind of core to clavicle thing you feel in no form of core exercise or hold. That feeling, though, was pretty easy to replicate swimming, and it makes a big difference. Kept the hips up, as you said, but it also changed breathing mechanics in a positive way - much easier to keep a goggle wet and huge, huge bow wave - about as close to that Shinji thing, with water pouring over the head but ample air (sort of like breathing in the space behind a waterfall). Too cool!!! Two fast 50s, one with snorkel, one normal (identical times, for the first time ever) confirmed it. My new main focal point until its automatic. Many, many thanks!

Where in the heck did you find this one?
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