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Why does your kick go out of sink with your spearing arm sometimes? In the Hackett and Yang videos I ALWAYS see their opposite foot driving the opposite spearing arm at the exact same moment, incredibly synced. It's what gives them that "gliding" look as they outstretch their spearing arm, whether it is a 4 bt or 6 bt kick. As a matter of fact if you look closely to a swimmer behind Sun Yang you can see his kick NOT syncing with the opposite spearing arm, that's never the case with Hackett or Yang. I too have been experimenting with a 6 & 4 beat kick for precisely the same reason, to take the weight off of my catch and my sore shoulders and wait patiently for the "push" while keeping the hips high. The recent post by Ladyfish explaining Shinji's snap of the opposite elbow and opposite knee at the exact same time is very close to what I see Hackett and Yang doing. I'm not even close to the level of swimming your at, but I'm sure there is some more speed for you to eke out with timing and hip drive. It's obvious that you are into your swimming, excellent work! Keep us posted.
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