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Thanks! This was actual in our city's new pool, unfortunately the light was very dim. Will look better in summer, if I meet that diver again (hopefully...). Og er du fra Trøndelag? ;)

I agree V08 may have looked more graceful. After my progress got stuck for a for time, I tried to find ways to further improve. Starting point was a video of Grant Hackett, swimming his 1500m world record. He did the 6BK and I tried to copy from him. I do this to get more grip in the water (vs. pulling my arms through the water). I felt this is easier to archieve when I have already some propulsion from the legs. Also my arms don't get tired so fast when I use more legs. The kick in V17 may look busier than it feels for me. With V17 I'm much faster now!

Yes, 3000m is no problem. When I swim *really* long (say > 10K), I switch to 2BK with some 4BK or 6BK from time to time (e.g. after turns). The high ellbows was (and still is) a long process. I began 18 month ago and sometimes do it better and sometimes worse. This is the first time I think it really looks how I wanted it. No drills, but I do from time to time some gymnastics, e.g. when I walk around in my appartment. Stretching out to the ceiling, and trying to grab that water with EVF. I must admit I do this frequently.

Btw, does anybody know this gizmo?
Have it since 2 weeks, I think it's a great tool!
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