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Thanks. On my youtube site there is the whole history of me learning from the beginning, starting with TI. I see clear improvement to V16 (which was not good I admit), and even to V15 and V14. It would be good to capture and understand the difference(s), so I never lose it/them again. My problem is, sometimes I feel improving, sometimes I feel I'm losing 'it' again...

SC = ?

Some best times/stroke rates, all on short track (25m):
3000m: 41:50 min, SR between 14 (first half) and 16 (2nd 1/2)
1000m: 13:23 min, not sure about SR, think must have been 16
6x200m with ~50sec rest: 2:34 min avg (at SR 15, 16 at the end)
8x100 with ~ 40 sec rest: 1:12.9 min avg (at SR 15 and tempo trainer frequency -> 0.98 sec)
Min strokes per 25m: 8
normally my SR is ~15, sometimes 14 in the beginning, gets 16 when it gets faster. I don't swim drills, I like intervals. I'm aware that I'm not average, but I worked very hard for that.
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