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Default yesterday practice

Nice practice yesterday: with 16 strokes I reach 75m! ( 3 laps )
I had this sensation: increasing body roll give me more "momentum" in stroking, so the effort of propulsion is not limited to pull, in this way I can sustain this swim for longer distances.
I understand that, at first, I have to tran my brain, so I have to begin my session with 3x50 with balance/relaxation thoughts and then with
3x50 with Streamline/Swim Taller thoughts as
Unfoutunately today I had a bad cold, I live in north of Italy in Alps region and now it's bitterly cold.
I hope to get well soon, I would like to have 2 practice before Christmas, I don't want loose this "magic moment".
Next time I'll try 50 descending set showed by CoachSuzanne
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