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Originally Posted by galax View Post
Yesterday I did as first 4x25.
My intention was 18-17-16-15 strokes, the result : 17-17-16-15 !!
Very good. Now I'll try to be able to use 16-15 strokes either for 50-75-100m, in this way I hope to build a "good ground" and then begin to raise stroke rate.

Thanks to all
Good approach. Great advice in this thread. I'd suggest continuing to do these "calibration" sets to develop the ability to choose SPL and execute your choice. You don't have to do ONLY 15-16..if you've chosen to do 18 and can hit it and hold it, that's valuable too.

You could follow that set with descending 50s like 15-15, 16-16, 17-17, 18, 18 and back down (maybe with a rest), or even this:
15-16, 16-17, 17-18, 18-18, 18-17, 17-16, 16-15. (7x50=350)

Have fun and keep us updated.
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