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Originally Posted by terry View Post
The 12-second difference between your 1st 100 @ 15SPL and your 4th is more likely the reason for your inability to continue, than the low SPL. That's a LOT to descend in only 4 x 100.
When I do a set like this, I do my opening round with a focus on "pull" rather than "push" effort.
I don't push at all to improve my times. Rather I look for them to drift down effortlessly. I feel this happen mainly as a result of tuning my nervous system to the task via repetition. I feel a greater sense of 'touch,' coordination, and precision as I proceed. That translates into faster times without trying.

In that sense I feel I'm being pulled toward faster swims, rather than pushing toward them. It seems magical, but it's a form of magic you can master.
Clearly i need to practice more. :)
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