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Originally Posted by Ghul View Post
This is an interesting set. One comment is that the stroke rate seems low.
1.3 to me is more a drilling speed (and I'm not fast). The stroke count is impressively low (I'm not clear whether the pool is yards or metres but it's good either way) but it doesn't surprise me that you have to put in a lot of effort to achieve the higher speeds. A slightly higher tempo would give more a more continuous stroke and so be easier even if the SPL is higher, which is consistent with your experience with 18SPL.
Ghul, thanks for the thoughts. Certainly the set is not meant to be done only for speed. The intent is to use the set as an exploration into your swimming abilities. 1.3 is fairly slow stroke rate for me...but it's also about the rate I would swim if I wanted to focus on a new stroke thought, change an old ingrained habit, or simply do more of what Terry refers to as "restorative swimming".

I wanted to try to verbalize (in writing) the thoughts I've experienced since last summer while I've been exploring these ideas so others can benefit from them. Many people thing that TI endorses the "lowest" stroke count possible, but really it's about the "optimal" stroke count.

Without exploration above and below your "optimum", you'll never discover your true potential. (not you personally...) :)

It's clear that trying to "limit" stroke count to artificially low numbers will prevent you from swimming your fastest, and I think that's something important for people to realize as well.
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