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I swam next to Dara Torres, in adjacent lanes, at the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex many mornings between Dec 6 and 17. The Masters finished at 0730 and the "National Team" started at 0800. I would get in the end lane about 0740 and swim until about 0850. Dara got in next to me most mornings when the national team started. She's very fit, but I'm not sure how fast at the moment. She spent an awful lot of time doing what I refer to in my current blog series, reviewing the usual lot of training tools as the 'cake recipe' approach to workout planning.
First she'd swim with fins.
Then she'd swim with paddles.
Then she'd swim with a snorkel.
Then she'd swim against the resistance of a rubber tube.
The recipe seemed to be displayed on a piece of paper plastered to the pool wall in her lane.

Same unimaginative routine, day after day after day. The Masters group did much the same thing.
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