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Originally Posted by CoachStuartMcDougal View Post
Hi Joefish,

That sounds like it's going to be a beautiful swim. 10k is a long way to swim in a wetsuit - no amount of lube will prevent some serious chafing 5k in. 18 deg (64 deg f) is balmy by channel swimming standards. I would acclimate without the wetsuit, but wear two thick caps and ear plugs to keep head warm. My prep is more time that it is distance, generally spend 2 hours continuous swimming in the conditions I'm expecting to compete. I may hydrate after two hours, but little to no solid food. If you wear a wetsuit, you will probably need to hydrate more often since you will be sweating much more in the suit.

Good luck and enjoy those crystal clear, blue waters.



I will use lanolin for my neck. Have you used it ? doesn't matter how long you swim. At the end you have to clean it up with a towel from the neck. It is sold in Pharmacies at least here in Spain.
I prefer to use the wetsuit. I am a warm water fish, 18 is cold for me used to swim in the mediterranean. I know for you guys in the Pacific , it's different.

Thank you for your tips.


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