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Hi Josefish,
since nobody replied so far, I try to give my point of view, though I never swam a 10k (at most 6k in the pool including a descending 10x500m fs, and in ow my longer race was 3km so far).

IMHO your weekly volume is the bare minimum to attempt your first ow 10k. By the way, is it in a lake or sea? What about water temperature? No wetsuit I suppose, right? And since it's in 20 days, are you already doing some ow sessions to get ready for the new environment after a long pool swimming winter? Moreover, of your 10-12km per week, how many km are main (ie challenging) sets and how many are warmup/cool down?

If I were you, in order to swim a 10k I'd like to be prepared for the worst scenario, which is hypothermia. Don't know how well you do in cool water and how fast you are, but a 10k could require you to be in cool water more than 3 hours. Could it be a problem for you?

Secondly, I'd like to be prepared to feed and hydration while swimming. I'm not used to swim with a non empty stomach, I don't even take any drinks while swimming, no need for it up to 5k. But for a 10k it's needed to avoid cramps. Are you used to drink and eat during a long swim?

An interesting test Terry did last summer to assess his preparation before a long swim (more than 10k) was NOT eating one day and then go swimming a long session (like 5-6k): if he was able to complete the session with zero fuel in his body, he was confident enough that he was well prepared (ie his stroke was efficient enough for a long swim). Perhaps you could try a similar test yourself.

Hope that helps!
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