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Hi Inge, I think one of the difficulties in giving internet advice is that you don't know what main issues need to be addressed in the person receiving the advice. This may help explain in part some of the differences I perceive in Stuart's advice and in what Terry was saying in his discussion referenced earlier. I have a strong tendency to drop my elbow on the low side arm, so Stuart's advice to focus on the high side arm probably doesn't apply to me. I need to focus at least enough on my low side to prevent myself from dropping that elbow. On the other hand, if I succeed in doing that, Stuart's advice starts to make a lot more sense. This morning as I was swimming, I was playing around with concentrating on the high side and spearing forward as Stuart recommends, and I found that perspective very useful, as long as I paid enough attention to my low side to prevent myself from dropping that elbow. In Terry's discussion he spent a lot of time talking about how to keep the low side elbow up, which is why I found that discussion useful. On the other hand, as long as I manage to keep that elbow up, focussing on the high side entry and using it to drive the high side shoulder past the low side anchor is a useful mental image.

One of the first things that happens to me as I try to increase my stroke rate is that I drop my low side elbow in the process. I don't know how unique this problem is to me, but at least some of it may be related to an old shoulder injury. You characterized yourself as small and nimble; I would characterize myself as slow and arthritic. Shelly Ripple's swim style may not be playing to whatever strengths I have, but I still feel that there may be something I can learn from her.
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