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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
All very well making the stroke more symmetrical but beside the point if in fact you don't or can't swim that way over more than a short distance, in which case surely it makes more sense to refine the stroke you actually use.
I didn't "get it" either, primarily because I couldn't do it - which is precisely the reason I knew I had to do it. When you think of it it's all really a mental thing. Injuries aside, your bodies mostly symetrical and other than level of comfort, you should be able to teach yourself bilateral breathing.

The first few days I tried it I was sinking, out of rythym, taking on water, etc. - all very ugly. But, you have to keep working at it and it gets better every day. It takes a while and you'll always revert to the comfort of one-soided breathing, but eventually you'll be as comfortable breathing on either side.

Does it help me swimming? I think so. It's hard to have a symetrical motion in the water when you do something different on one side than the other. I always felt one-sided (right) breathing under emphasized the proper roll needed to get my left shoulder out of the water on it's recovery stroke. Being able to breathe on either side, I am more able to keep consistent form throughout any breath interval - I'm not captive to a particular one(s).
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