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Hi doc,

I read a few times in this thread, although it is a level beyond mine. I just don't get it.

Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
3 x 50 @ 16 SPL
3 x 50 @ 17 SPL
3 x 50 @ 18 SPL
3 x 50 @ 17 SPL
3 x 50 @ 16 SPL
How do you swim @16, or @17, or @n ?

I can swim a lap, count, and say it was an SPL e.g. of 17. OK, interesting. But I know the SPL only afterwards.
How do you intentionally swim at a given SPL?
Furthermore, how do you swim the next lap with a higher SPL? You don't want to get less effective, do you? Do you just swim faster, hoping your SPL goes up?
How do you do that?

And, how do you measure your times (stupid question, maybe... and even this one: how do you remember them?)

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