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Default Different Frontcrawl Technique Due To Neck Problems

Whenever I am looking for a suitable pool to swim in, I ideally want it to be around 15 metres long or slightly less because I like to swim complete lengths with my head under water and I only enjoy front crawl. I've had problems with my neck in the past so I am not a fan of swinging my head from side to side every few strokes to get air. The problem with my technique is, you do get out of breath at the end of each length so you have to take a bit of time to catch you breath. I have seen a vast improvement though the more lengths I do and if I relax with my breathing and get in a rhythm, I only need to come up for a few seconds to compose myself before I swim back the other way. Is anyone else similar to me, maybe because they too suffer from neck problems? I also like this technique as its a lot more tranquil, you aren't pulling your head in and out of the water. Swimming really helps me to relax and think through all my problems, make sense of everything, nothing is more tranquil and calming than my swimming sessions.
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