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Originally Posted by Rhoda View Post
... Or perhaps your bodies weren't as fluid and relaxed as when your muscles were warmer. The water molecules would be a little closer together when cold, but 3 or 4 degrees wouldn't make a huge difference in that.
Thanks for your reply Rhoda.

I agree a 3 or 4 degree difference shouldn't make a difference and I don't think the wind there was would have had that much of an effect. I think, as you suggest, possibly cold muscles or maybe a bit of tiredness may have brought on the feeling of "heavy" water. It just seemed like such a greater effort to gain motion than at other times. I wondered if others had noticed such a phenomenon- and the cause.

Soon the beach & salt waters will be warm enough for swimming.

In the mean time outdoor swimming is in this 25 meter 6 lane chlorinated pool which is on the shore of Bedford Basin. The link below, from a realtor's page, shows the pool with the Basin in the background looking toward Halifax.

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I were the only ones in attendance for the "adult swim" period. Our community's best kept secret!!
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