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Originally Posted by kalinma View Post
I tried this drill again today after quite a long time since my first attempt. The first time I tried it, I couldn't do it at all. Today, I could do the drill for almost 20 metres. Found that I must be coming up for air because I sink back down when I return my face and recovering arm to the water and felt quite unbalanced, nothing like the guy in the video who breathes and returns to what we call Superman Glide, then breathes on the other side and returns to SG, for an entire length of the pool and makes it look easy. So it's back to focusing on breathing and balance with the help of my TI video. Somehow, that does not surprise me. Need to look at this from a positive angle in that I know what my weakness is now and what to work on.

The guy in the video keeps his head very still and only turns it to the side leaving the other side of head completely in contact with the water, hence your reference to the swimmer leaving his head in the superman glide position. That position of the head is what you should be trying to achieve the entire time you are swimming.

I recently was introduced to a good drill to help you with the problem of lifting your head while out at a TI Teacher and Master Teacher Training Course in Aug 2012. Coach Suzanne introduced the drill. It called the Nod, one-eye (or whale eye), popeye mouth breathe. You first start by practicing the nod while you are swimming a lenght of the pool or until you need air. The nod is turning your head to the side so you cann see underwater (with both eyes) the lane next to you or the swimmers/bottom whatever is there. Everytime you would breathe to either the left or right you'd use the nod, keeping the head in alignment with the body/spine in the water. Practice this several lengths or until you can do this without feeling you are trying to pick you head up. You can master one side first and then come back and work on the other side or possibly try both alternating lengths and sides. Again, once your comfortable with the nod, move on to the one-eye. Here you only turn your slightly more until you have one goggle out of the water and the other still under the surface. Now you can incorporate incorporate the nod one time with a one-eye the next and so on. Again after you feel comfortable that you are not lifting your head your ready to add the breath. So you'd nod once, then one-eye, then popeye breath. Popeye breath is the same as you may have seen the cartoon popeye when he eats his can of spinach. He turns his mouth (scrunches) it to the side the can is on or in this case the side the air is on. Some may not remember popeye so another visual might be to think of 'cigar mouth' like when you see someone smoking a cigar holding it in the side of their mouth. Try not to turn the head much more than when you were doing the one-eye. If you can do this you have succeeded in ridding yourself of the habit of lifting your head to breathe.

Hope this wasn't too confusing but it is a very effective drill for perfecting your breathing.
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