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Hello scribe3,

may be you're right. But what do you mean by "amount of"? Most times a too less rotation angle is not the problem (45-60 should be far enough, if you don't have problems with your cervical spine). I'd suggest to find more your FPs in

- Is my head stable and relaxed looking down, not turning with the body?
- Is my core stable, are hips and shoulders rotating parallel?
- Are my legs aligned with spine during the rotation?
- Is my recovery relaxed enough, not disturbing the speared arm?
- Do I start rotation from highest angle only when the recovery hand enters?
- Is my catch-press synchronized to my opposite spear?
- Do I feel the "viscous ball of water" on my catch arm, helping me to hold the arm on place and driving the (stable) body over it?

And what are my different feelings (easiness in breathings. times, SPLs...) when focussing in these points?

If you try, enjoy!!

Best regards,
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