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Hello ZT,

nothing against a stretch along your diagonal as using the kick left to find your (short timed) diagonal stretch to your right hand. Terry advocates this in his 2BK-chapter. But especially the first drill forces long leg kick left and long arm right down, that's just not Terry's diagonal stretch.

Hello MF,

seems you're swimming on a level, where you can switch by decision every part of your stroke at any time. Respect! Same question I asked ZT, what does lead you to your decisions, and how do you decide what to lay back and what to carry on?

I am even more critical , if that's the right (best?) way to teach beginners with these details and not confusing them. Are they really able to carry these in there whole stroke for longer time? OK, I do trust Terry and TI's BSP-Pyramide with some indvidual tayloring from knowing Terry and his decade-developments and some modest successes with it in own swimming and coaching. But I've to add, I'm not able to swim myself nor is any of my students (till now) able to swim in paces of the swimmers you like to discuss their stroke(part)s.

Best regards,
Hi yes, she had watched "faster freestyle" by dave marsh and had her head filled with images of rocketing along like an elite swimmer lol

so i started her off with kicking on side balance drills which she didnt take to, but she is a physiotherapist and understood scapular plane / impingement etc so we went to SG Glide and i said "just start pulling yourself along" and she got it pretty much straight away (much to my chargrin)
then hurdle was breathing
i didn't want to baffle her with stroke timing and evf etc yet
but she'll make a good freestyler
very concious about core etc
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