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Hello ZT,

Yes, Suzanne's video and her hints are great! But I think RamTI's issue is also a bit more fundamental in the BS-Basics. The Uchimura drills are really good for a stronger core (tested them myself with result muscleache...) but I think they shouldn't be used as "additional TI-drills", because they're forcing unwanted movements with coupled(right?) diagonal.

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Yes, that looks like arm coupling (shoulder driven style) coupled together across the upper back
/ traps and working in unison
You cant go back too far with this type of stroke or lengthen out as you lose the connection across the upper back.

Its good for a rapid turover though.

I taught a ladyfriend freestyle at the pool last night and she naturally adopted this type of coupled arm stroke as a beginner

i got her to try taking the "pull" back further but it messed up her rudimentary recovery back to the front.
She did really well though once we did front SG glide and balance drills, she was blown away at how easy it was with a level body position v legs dragging.
She had better balance than me!!
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