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Originally Posted by whoiscathy View Post
I've had some horrendous two months, or whatever it's been since my posts. I actually almost stopped swimming altogether due to this. I now moved back to Luleň for the summer, but before that, I didn't swim for two weeks straight because I hated it so much. I really felt I was done with it.

I had good POOL swimming days perhaps twice or three times ever since I left Luleň in March; one was yesterday. But generally speaking, I've been feeling constantly low about my inability to learn this. It also has had a huge carryover onto my everyday mood, my passion, my everyday life. A negative carryover, because I was so all-in with this thing and I couldn't crack it.
OK, so something is definitely going on...and I suspect it is with your balance in the water. It's too bad that you can't meet up with a TI coach, because I suspect that a good TI coach would be able to identify and diagnose the problem within a minute of watching you swim.

There was a young guy in a lane next to me once who was obviously in great physical shape, but he just couldn't make it to the end of the pool. He was trying to do freestyle. He asked me, ''How are you able to breathe?". I observed that his balance was off and his legs/hips were dropping. Also, he was not rotating to breathe. Lots of issues. I tried to explain how to keep a horizontal fore-aft posture in the water. I wish I'd had more time to teach him a few things -- just as I wish someone had with me so many years ago, but I never did see him there again.

Maybe you can muster the courage to ask someone as well. I think most swimmers would be honored to be asked for a few pointers.
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