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Hello Cathy,

very sad to read that! And I don't even like to think, swimming in any way might have a negative carryover into anyones daylife. Two weird things jumped in my mind. So FWIW:

- Once upon a time when I played Squash regularly and had to take a timeout of some weeks/months my aerobic capacity broke down, but my technique improved a step from nothing...

- How about to sacrifice your wetsuit (I know they aren't cheap, so think at least twice about...) and shorten its legs and sleeves every week by 1-2cm and when they're gone, cut a new whole each week 10cm diameter or so... Maybe a stupid idea, but it is one...

Find a good mood with swimming, if any possible!

Best regards,

PS: Did you read your forum's private post? If so, I've been on a wrong way with it, please don't mind.
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