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Hello notatall,

think you pointed out one of the "secrets" of high hip-legs: Relaxation (Our heads are more or less of the same density and it should feel relaxed "weightless" all the time, even when turning to breathe...) I didn't find a swimmer who could not hold a relaxed SG for 2sec before the legs start to sink, and two seconds is longer than a our usual SR...

Every movement of the arms (especially in FQ) should happen on it's individual wide "rail-tracks" as relaxed as possible. Missing the tracks will result in sinking most times... or to uncontrolled movements avoiding that...

Terry writes you may use your lead-arm as trim tab (... if it's really necessary).

Don't use your kick for pushing legs up. Just use it as support for your rotation and spear. If tuned right it will result in a feeling as horizontal, straight, long screw doing an eighth (or quarter) turn... And your legs should stay parallel to surface by itself...

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