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Default 2016 review. 2017 goals.

So, how was 2016?

I didn't pursue stroke counting. However, my best SPL decreased from 23 to 19 for 25m.

I swam 100m repeats the entire year, with a few 200m repeats towards the end.

2016 was an important year. Something changed in my head. I used to always drill first, and then felt uncomfortable swimming more than 50m. In 2016 I just wanted to get in the pool and swim lots of 100m repeats. I hardly did any drills at all. I never want to get stuck in a drill rut again.

On technique, I think upon reflection that two things really helped:

1. Lots and lots of hardcore core exercises in the gym. "yin"

2. Learning to keep face relaxed during breathing. Relaxed mouth, lips, forehead, jaw, neck. "yang"

What's planned for 2017?

In 2017 I'm only swimming 200m repeats, lane traffic permitting. 200m gets just a teensy bit challenging to hold my vessel shape towards the end, so that's the perfect distance for me now.

Technique focal points:

1. Imprinting glute engagement. This is nearly subconscious already. Glutes switched ON keep my legs light, knees relaxed, and lets the legs react naturally to rotation.

2. Driving spearing arm to its target with more authority. ie. Acceleration. I have a bad habit of being lazy and letting the spear decelerate, which doesn't generate much power. This will require much effort to change.

3. A little more work on keeping lower core engaged on left track in particular.

4. A little more work on keeping neck long.

I think this is quite enough for the year.

I'm so glad I found TI and took up freestyle after a 20 year gap in swimming. I'm not the fastest learner, but I now swim my 100m and 200m repeats with a great deal of control, maybe even a little elegance, and a great deal of enjoyment. I came close to quitting 3 times. Glad I didn't. Thanks to Terry, Stuart, Suzanne, D. Shen and the other forum contributors who have all helped solve the freestyle puzzle!

My "aquatic signature" is vertical. There is hope for us all :)

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