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Default A high-value 900y practice

On Sunday I did a 20-min, 1000y practice that was completely engaging and satisfying and high-value at the same time.

Today I did another such practice, even shorter, but crammed with even more value.

I guest-coached a Master's group (called Tarp's Total Training) at Nassau County Aquatic Center this morning. (I'll post the practice I gave them in another thread.)
I coached the first 20 minutes from the deck, then swam with them the rest of the practice - a total of about 900y.

After I was finished with coaching, I had only 15 minutes to swim myself. Here's what I did

Tues 8 March 900m (in 25m pool) at Nassau County Aquatic Center

I did a single set as follows:
4 x 50
4 x 75
4 x 100
I set tempo at 1.2 sec/stroke.
My rest interval for all repeats was 8 beeps of TT (nearly 10 sec.)
I counted strokes--making this a Tempo+SPL set.

On the 50s I took 16+18 strokes. This was the self-assessment/info-gathering part of the set. I.E. At 1.2 tempo, what SPL can I comfortably hold.
Once I had this info, I set my goal for the rest of the set
To hold a stroke count of 16+17+18 on the 75s, and 16+17+17+18 on the 100s.

I did that pretty easily, something I have practiced often.
There were two 'metric' challenges inherent in this set

1) To maintain an average of 17 SPL at 1.2 tempo as repeat distance increased
2) To do this as ratio of work:rest increased. 8 beeps represents 1/3 less rest on 75m repeats, and 50% less rest on 100m repeats, compared to 50s.

I was looking for two outcomes
1) To feel just as relaxed on 75s and 100s as I had on the 50s.
2) During the round of 4 x 100, to feel more ease on the 4th 100 than on the 1st--to feel as if I could literally keep repeating this combination of 17 SPL @ 1.2 tempo indefinitely.

That's exactly how it went and I left the pool excited over how I'd swum.
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