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Default ZCP#3 Two SPL + Time problem solving exercises

Friday 4 March 3500y at North Shore Aquatic Center St Pete FL
This practice is the longest I've swum since learning I have cancer -- and probably the longest since last summer.

I did only two sets. The first was an extended Tuneup and pacing exercise.

Set #1 Distance Pyramid at Constant SPL
In a Distance Pyramid distance increases in 1st half of set and decreases in 2nd half.
I swam the entire set at an average 15 SPL
4 x 50
3 x 100
2 x 150
1 x 200
2 x 150
3 x 100
4 x 50
My goal was to maintain the pace I attained on the 50y repeats as distance increased to 200y then increase pace as repeat distances decreased on 2nd half.
I accomplished that with fastest 50 on 1st round at 45 sec and fastest 50 in final round at 41 sec, but SPL still the same.

Set #2 Repeated Rounds of 100y repeats, descending each round
4 x (4 x 100).
On this set my goal was to connect more of my body to propulsion on each successive repeat within a round of 4--and by doing to generate a bit more speed.
I maintained an average of 15 SPL (14+15+15+16) on 1st 3 rounds and increased to 16 SPL on 4th round.
In each round I did the 4 x 100 as follows:
1. I focused on just holding my place, or applying feather light pressure to the water.
2. I increased pressure to firm, trying to apply it with great precision--but consciously minimized action of core/hips and legs.
3. I maintained firm hand pressure, but added a Hip Slide -- a controlled and very directed drive of hips in direction of where I was aiming the 'spearing' hand.
4. I added a crisp, compact, and firm 2BK while maintaining everything I'd done on #3. (On 1st 3 x 100 I consciously minimized kick.)

On 1st 3 rounds I did improve my times each time I connected another part of my body to the propulsive effort. Paces started at 1:30 or 1:29 on #1 in each round and improved to 1:25 -- my projected target pace for 1650 on Mar 12.

On 4th round I added one stroke per length, raising SPL to 16, where I intend to swim first half of 1650. I also maintained firmer overall feeling of water pressure over my entire body.
On this I descended from 1:25 to 1:22.
I was fighting off calf cramps on this round.
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