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Default ZCP #2 Extended Tempo Threshold with 100m repeats

Wed Mar 2 at Jupiter FL
I swam this practice in a 25m pool, which meant a different SPL range from my previous practice in a 25y pool. But it was easy to find my best SPL range since my tempo range closely overlapped with the one I used in my previous practice
Tuneup - I swam 400 meters super-relaxed with my best possible form. My SPL range was 15 to 17. However at 15 SPL I was gliding slightly into turns so I felt 16 to 17 was better.

Main Task Extended Tempo Pyramid -- 20 x 100m repeats

A tempo pyramid is usually 10 repeats. In this set I swam twice as many by extending both the slowing-tempo, and the increasing-tempo legs of it.
I started with tempo at 1.15 sec/stroke. My initial 100m stroke count was 72 or 18 SPL.
I decided to slow tempo in .04 sec increments continuing until my stroke count reached 15 SPL. This occurred after 6 repeats, at 1.35 tempo.
Then I reversed tempo in .02 sec increments, continuing until I reached my starting tempo of 1.15. My 100m stroke count was 68--4 fewer strokes (and 4.6 sec faster) than when I started.
I decided to continue increasing tempo until I reached my initial stroke count. From this point I increased tempo by only .01 sec per repeat to improve my chances of minimizing added strokes.

I finally reached 72 strokes, or 18 SPL, at 1.08 tempo.
I.E. At the conclusion of the set I had the same SPL as at the start, but at a tempo .07 sec faster.
Doing the math 72 strokes x .07 sec means I swam 5 seconds faster in the same number of strokes as I had at the beginning.

This set gives me more useful information on my tempo/SPL thresholds. I will use this information to plan future practices and continue adapting to faster tempos while maintaining an efficient--and relaxed--stroke.
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