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Default Zero Cancer Practice #1 Finding my Tempo Threshold

Monday Feb 29 2000y in Clermont FL

I'd begun keeping Terry's 2016 Q1 Training Log Jan 21. At the time I was just resuming training after an interruption due to pool closings over the holidays followed by 10 days of travel related to TI work.
However that was also interrupted soon after I began (but not before swimming one of the best meets of my life--though my times in two events were my slowest ever; I'll post about that here in the coming week) by a disabling attack of sciatica. At the time I worried that it was related to the growth of tumors in my pelvis, but that turned out not to be so.

On Feb 11 I began treatment and have begun to feel better--well enough to set and pursue swimming goals.

This day's practice was on the final day of a 6-day Triathlon Swimming Camp at which I coached. I'd swum most days during the camp. All previous practices had mainly been devoted to Mindful Swimming, tuning my stroke with series of Focal Points. On at least two of those days I felt literally amazing in the water--as good as I have ever felt while swimming. I also swam the length of a 50m pool in 33 strokes, a high-efficiency SPL I had not achieved in several years.

That did amazing things for my spirit and psyche too.

My practice this day was fairly simple. Swimming in a 25y course, following a 400 yd Tuneup with Focal Points, I decided to swim 100y repeats with increasing tempo to test how long--and over how large a tempo range--I could hold my stroke count at 15SPL . . . 1-2 strokes lower than the 16-17 SPL I hope to maintain for most of my 1650 race on March 12.

Main Set 16 x 100 increasing Tempo
I chose 16 x 100 because it's close to the distance of my race.
I chose 1.2 strokes/sec as my initial tempo because I guesstimated (correctly) that I would be able to swim 15 SPL easily at that tempo.
I decided to increase tempo by just .01 sec each 100, so my tempo on the final 100 would be 1.05.

My goal was to see how long I could maintain 15 SPL as tempo increased.

I swam with featherlight touch on #1 and held 15 SPL quite comfortably (this means actual SPL of 14+15+15+16). I was able to keep my touch featherlight and still hold 15 SPL by stroking with steadily increasing control, integration, and precision.

In the end I did manage to complete the set without increasing stroke count--though the last 4 to 5 x 100 were quite effortful and I allowed myself a bit more rest between repeats to accommodate that.

I was elated at this set, and the degree of 'stroke discipline' it revealed.
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