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Default BX Starting Simple Project

I have no data. No stroke length data, no tempo data, no speed data. The aim of this project is to acquire data.

Summary of practises in 2016.
All 100m repeats, typically 10x100m in a session.

Total distance by month:
Jan 3.7km
Feb 8.8km
Mar 8.8km
Apr 3.6km
May 4.6km
Jun 5.2km
Jul 6.8km
Aug 9.1km
Sep 6.9km
Oct: 7.0km
Nov: 13.2km (mix of 100m and 200m repeats)
Dec: pool closed

Count strokes for ONE length, and remember to breathe whilst doing so.

Height = 177cm, Wingspan = 180cm
Green Zone: 20 to 16 SPL (scm)

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