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Todays practice was:

25-Superman Flutter, 25-Right Skate, 25-Left Skate, 75 Whole Stroke (25 nod right, 25 nod left, 25 bilateral 5 stroke).
25-Two Pause Spear Switch, 25-Single Pause Spear Switch, 25-Continous Spear Switch, 75 Whole Stroke (breathing as above).
25-Single Arm Spear Right, 25-Single Arm Spear Left, 25-ZenSkate Left, 25-ZenSkate Right, 100 Whole (breathing add a 25 bilateral 5 stroke).
25-Knuckle Drag progression to Ear Hop, 50 Ear Hop, 75-Whole Stroke (Breathing focus)
100-Ear Hop (focus momentary pause before hand entry), 100-Whole Stroke (breathing focus)
1000 - Continuous Whole Stroke. (17 minutes)

I think that is all.

We finished in 55 minutes and felt really good.

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