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Default Initially looking for technique to swim faster

I just want to second what other people have said in this thread about how they initially found TI.

As I tell in the My Total Immersion Story, it was Shinji's swim clip together with Terry's motivations in his talk about Total Immersion Perpetual Motion Freestyle, that first attracted me to TI. I actually saw that clip about a year earlier, but it wasn't until I found it again and also found the clip with Terry's motivations I got caught.

What I was looking for was an explanation why some people seem to swim so much faster than others, to be able to adopt that myself. It was Shinji's effective stroke that drew my attention, but without any explanation of it, he was just another swimmer in the row with an effective stroke. Well, actually his splash-free swimming also stuck out. But, just watching the video wasn't enough to understand why he travelled so far on each stroke.

What I am trying to say is, that I, as others in this thread have stated, I was looking for a way to swim faster, and with that accompanying motivation with Shinji's swim clip I would have start my TI journey a year earlier. Other aspects of swimming but speed has come to me later and today I am very thankful to have got a completely new dimension of swimming, that has changed my life.
My Total Immersion Story
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