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I just got home from 2 hr swim practice ... I decided to focus on Phase I of kaizen training as described on the DVD manual, because it emphasizes the basic balance drills and also kept in mind the recomendations from haschu33 and Alex-SG. wich i really apreciate ....and I do not feel frustrated at all, I feel the exact opposite, very very motivated.
I really like that right-bow, left-bow theory .... makes a lot of sense, and actually it is what happens during my recovery phase, there is a noticeable flexion on my back, and that makes me lose my laser lead and legs zig-zag to compensate.
I think my recovering arm is shoulder-driven, instead of elbow-driven ... maybe elbow circles drill might help ... I will work extensively on the log-roll action and maintain just enough rotation and see how it goes ... there will be noticeable improvement within a few weeks, I hope.
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