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I only had time for a quick look.
To my eyes (I am still in the process of learning myself... so be careful ;-) ) following points:

I like the smoothness and rhythm!
Main thing is the symptom of scissors like legs and breathing. Scissor-like leg movements are an indication of over-rotation and imbalance. You can clearly see it in the shots from behind: you are bending your body forward, rotate the shoulder too far behind the body when starting to recover, and the legs counteract against the possible loss of balance due to that over-rotation. It is worse on the right side, your breathing side.
Further points:
- Gliding is a little too long, before starting the recovery. Particularly on the right side you do a rather long pause before lifting the arm out of the water. That is probably because you breathe on the right side and get more time to breathe. Also the left spearing arm has a slight tendency to dive down when you breathe.
- Lifting the head when breathing.
- Imbalanced stroke due to breathing on the right side only.

What to do ?
I am not a coach, so this might not be the best advice. I also had (have?) the scissor like movements and I did the following: Single spear and Zen switches with a very log gliding phase and keeping my big toes touching each other to make sure the legs are quite. That makes imbalance obvious and I could counteract that at the source (= improving balance).
I'd recommend this:
- Rotate less. Do spear- and Zen-switches to improve balance. Spear-switches to get the hip drive rhythm with 2BK.
- Improve the breathing. The nodding drill from the DVD is excellent for that. Aim for not lifting the head at all.
- Try to breathe on either sides, that makes your stroke more balanced

I don't know if the video was from a drilling sequence. If not, meaning if this was 'swimming', it is too slow. Get a tempo trainer and slowly increase the pace. It will give you a more balanced stroke and will remove the long gliding pauses.

So, you asked for the room for improvement, that's why I emphasized that. Overall it looks quite nice to me, a lot better than most of the stuff I see when I am in the pool.

Hang on in there! I am 'alone' here as well with the help of the DVD and the forum only - works quite well.

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