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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
If 'weight shift' means the strategic use of gravity rather than muscular effort, and gravity pulls downwards, how can it be used to propel you forwards?

There may be several parts to the answer. Perhaps we could start with the main ones.
Alott of you folks think these issues in much greater detail than I do and I appreciate it because it streaches my mind. Will say my little piece and then watch for the in depth stuff.
Gravity for sure pulls downward. The high hip moving downward is taking advantage of gravity so it is easier (less Muscle used). What I have found if I move my hip foreward as well as downward I get a much better result with the following spear and catch. Years ago someone asked what muscle is used to move the hip forward and I still dont have the answer. Perhaps the Physio's can enlighten.
I know that dosn't answer your question, rather it points out another small item in the chain of events that results in forward propulsion.
Have at it folks.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.

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