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Originally Posted by Naji View Post
1. Are you happy with your chose to become a TI coach?
Yes. Even if I had to stop doing swim coaching tomorrow, I would still have a lot of happy, satisfied memories from my time as a TI coach.

Having said that, I should share with you a riddle that has circulated in swim coaching circles:

Q: What do you call a swim coach who drives a Cadillac?
A: Car thief.

The reason I'm happy with my choice to become a TI coach is because I enjoy swim coaching - not because it has made me rich. If you enjoy enabling people to achieve their swimming goals and awakening them to new possibilities they never even considered, that's what is likely to make you satisfied as a TI coach.

2. What did you find the most challenging about becoming a coach?
Finding a place to do it. It's not too bad in the summer because there are a lot of outdoor facilities that become available, but for most of the year, in my area, outdoor facilities are closed, and indoor facilities tend to be heavily booked, often regard TI coaches as competition for whatever swim instruction their facility is already offering, and sometimes charge unbelievably high rental fees. Some TI coaches (including Terry) have had Endless Pools installed in their homes, but my place is too small for that (unless I gave up having a living room) and I'm not even sure the regulations in my community would allow it.

3. Are there other coaches that work with marginalized groups and what has been your success and or frustration?
I've had swimmers of all races as students at one time or another, but I haven't specifically targeted marginalized communities. Your biggest obstacles may be (1) finding a place to do it that is within reach for them (if swimming isn't a big thing in their community, there may not be any usable pools - it's a matter of supply and demand), and (2) selling them on the sport of swimming as a possibility for them (in my area, for example, nearly every pool, lake, and watering hole seems to have a summer swim team for the kids, and the fact that it's available automatically creates an interest in the sport, but in areas where this is not the case, people may not even consider swimming as a possible activity for them).

4. Am I crazy to ask these sorts of questions and and have the desire to become a TI coach?
No crazier than the rest of us! ;-)

Hope this helps!


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