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Default How Long would they swim?

Loving the world championships this week.

I was trying to invent a new event that would involve some suspense and strategy to finish off big swim meets.

This is my idea.

6 person relay pursuit.

Relay teams of 6 (3 guys 3 girls). Each swimmer can swim as many lengths as the team decides at any time but each switch over the team has to change the sex of the swimmer.

Teams are eliminated once they have been lapped (50m or 100m?)

the nature of this event would add a lot of strategy to the mix at the poolside, how to gain a steady lead with the middle distance athletes before going in for the kill with a fresh legged sprinter?

whilst watching the other teams plays at the same time.

China vs USA vs GB how long would they have to swim before one team was 100m ahead of the others?
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