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Patrick, I tend to breath on every stroke, and don't raise my head unless I need to for sighting.

The Oxford-Bellevue Sharkfest swim was a success, in that I was able to complete the 1500 meters all butterfly across the Tred Avon River, despite strong headwinds and wakes from nearby watercraft that hit us at a 45 degree angle pushing us off course. The waves made breathing difficult, and I had to use more shoulder and upper arm than I have done in prior open water mile fly swims. Cramping in the toes of my right foot also threw off my dolphin kicks in the second half. My time of 42:33 is nothing spectacular in terms of overall speed (second to last swimmer), but mine is the first all fly crossing. I'm still hurting today, but looking forward to seeing the official photos when they get posted.
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