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Default Mile Fly!

Originally Posted by Grant View Post
Did you have to tough it out near the end and if so do you feel you maintained your form?
Yes, I was definitely working harder at the end of that mile, but the only way that I kept going was to focus on form. Each time I noted the stress, I focused on relaxing instead of the effort. During the swim, I noted mild cramping in my right foot sole since I don't flex it except at the wall, and toward the end I was definitely noticing stress in my left bicep even as I tried to relax it more. Today, there is some soreness in the upper shoulders, light soreness in back and gluts and some in the one bicep, but much less than I anticipated.

I've been working on increasing my distances in Free by working on being more slippery and smooth. On Sunday when I did the mile Fly, that was after a 2 mile warmup in Free followed by another quarter mile in Free to cool off. On most Sundays I try to swim 3-4 miles and do a total of 5-6 miles a week now. Considering I was a spaz swimmer who couldn't easily pull a lap or pass the BSA swim test back in 2007, I'm shocked in the transformation!
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