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My wife wears something like this (cannot find the exact reference):

She says that they are actually very good, provided that the right lenses are fitted. She purchased goggles with different lens corrections to fit both her eyesight. By combining them, she has one spare pair of goggles.

As for the contact lenses, where I live, it is strongly recommended to NOT wear them while swimming, even with swimming goggles. Should pathogens slide between the eye and the lens, the risk of infection, or worse, increases significantly. First, because the lens movements will rub the bacteria even more into the eye. Secondly, because it is wet and warm in there. With some luck, one forgets to remove the contact lenses during the night and the risk of infection gets even higher.

Sometimes, water leaks into the goggle. The water (which is possibly contaminated) is then in permanent contact with the eye, stirred, and in a warm environment (the inside of the goggle).

In my city, a young woman (in her twenties) lost her sight (one eye) because of that. Of course, it does not mean that swimming with contact lenses irremediably leads to blindness, but the risk exists, in particular in less than optimally clean waters (crowded swimming pools, among others).
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