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Default TI Coach Fiona Laughlin in NYC

Hello TI swimmers of NYC and Brooklyn! I am not sure if anyone is aware but I live in Brooklyn and commute back and forth from NYC to New Paltz (for the TI Swim Studio) on a regular basis. As of now I haven't done much teaching in NYC because of a shortage of available pool space for classes. If anyone has a lead on a location that will rent lanes out by the hour to independent contractors for workshops please send that along and we can see about getting some workshops set up for you. I am not available for private lessons in NYC because it is logistically difficult but it would be great to get some group workshops going. Contact me at I do teach private lessons at the TI Swim Studio in New Paltz Friday through Monday and am available for that for the next 3 weeks!
A little about father Terry Laughlin is the founder of the TI method and brand and I have coached with him for 24 years, making me the world's 1st TI coach! When not teaching TI, I am an artist and filmmaker and love to connect with TI swimmers who also share these interests! Looking forward to connecting with you!
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