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Yes, agreed
but i found that a certain level "taughness" in the lower abdominals / glutes will give a level body position

but i only discovered that through trying a pullbuoy then i prompty ditched it once i had found the key.

if you dont know what it feels like it'll be hard to "discover" it
I think I know what you are talking about. Y'day when i felt my legs sink I made a conscious effort to clench my abs, butt and glutes. It did help. It's just that you have to constantly remind yourself to do so, while remembering to do 10 other things just right.

Another thing I noticed was that natural gliding happens as I near the wall. As I sense that the lap is ending, I begin to relax. My hips rotate and I'm able to take one last gasp of breath in an easy manner before I touch the wall. Then, when I go back for another lap, I remind myself that I need to swim like that the whole way but it just doesn't happen until the final 5-7 yards !! There are things that I become aware of such as my sinking legs. I make adjustments to streamline my body and the thought of relaxing goes out the window.

It's frustrating but I'm positive that it will all come together at some point. Two months back I couldn't swim even 3 strokes without having to stand up for breathing. But now I can do 25 yards and sometimes even back to back with a few second break between laps. I'll keep reporting progress. Thanks for all suggestions

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