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Default Swim and Nod - need more explanation

Could someone provide a detailed explanation of the Swim and Nod drill that is introduced in Practice 11 of the Six Week Beginner Freestyle Stroke Efficiency Program? Or even better, a link to a video of someone performing the drill?

The pdf that I purchased doesn’t describe the mechanics of this technique in the level of detail that was done for Skate, Zenswitch, etc drills. Here is the description from Practice 11: "In Swim and Nod, we add increments of “nod” (head rotating toward the air) until we get to a point where we can take a breath." Not sure how to perform the drill!

I purchased the Beginner and Intermediate pdf's, Extraordinary Swimming book, and Self Coach, O2, and Breathing DVDs. It may be somewhere in this material, but I can't find it.

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