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Default 3 phases of breathing--Back to Terry's articles in 2005

Thanks to Terry and TI, I have been a swimming fan who can enjoy swimming in the pool just like walking on the land. Without TI, I believe that today I would still struggle in the water.

4 simple words can summarize what I learnt from TI: Breathing, Floating, Gliding, Reducing-Resistance. The way to improve my swimming is practicing these 4 words again and again. The breathing practice make me relax in the water--stroking or doing nothing at all, the floating practice helps to build up a clear feeling of my body position in the water--is it one foot under the water, one meter under the water, or just one inch. Gliding practice make me understand that gliding is swimming--enjoy the gliding as much as I can is my first feeling of enjoying swimming. Reducing-resistance is a life-time topic which reminds me that I can improve all the time.

In the year 2005, I have translated into Chinese Terry's 3 articles on breathing which I discovered in the e-magazine zone of TI website at the time. And I also shared my translation with many Chinese swimming fans who immediately gave very grateful feedbacks. I also remember that I had sent a mail to TI website for allowing me to do so. And a lady replied my mail (seems to be Terry's daughter) saying Yes.

Now 6 years has passed, I would like to put my Chinese translation here so that many Chinese swimming fans who don't read English well can benefit from the TI forum directly.


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