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Default Speed vs. economic swimming

Hi is this assumption correct according to you?

TI is primarly focusing on economic swimming and because you save energy, you can swim a bit faster and moreover you can hold your speed longer on longer distances! But speed is in TI rather a consequence of saving energy and swimming economic.
Traditional swimstyles are perhaps more focused on raising speed? And are also more efficient for increasing swimspeed? Disadvantage is that they focus less on economic swim?
According to this assumption you should conclude that the traditional swimstyles would be more valuable in swimcompetitions in short distances. And TI would then be better for swimcompetitions on longer distances and triathlons on longer distances (because you can come out the water still relative fresh).

Is this a correct thought?!? Or do you find it crap?!

PS: I practise triathlons and the swim is certainly my worst part of the race. I am motivated to improve my swimming and TI seems for me an ideal learning school because I do not have really a lot of talent. I'll follow a workshop in the UK in November and expect much of it!
PS: Excuse me for my sloppy english :-)

Best regards
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