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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
So if I can swim freestyle without hurting my neck, so can you! Here is a video of my swimming as recently as 3 weeks ago...12 months after the car accident & first neurosurgical consultation. IN this swim I had the sensation that my head was barely moving to breath. It moved more in fact when I was NOT breathing (since the body rtates both ways).

Let me know what you think.

Were you swimming in a 25 meter or 25 yard pool? I noted that your first 4 lengths took only about 91 seconds. Awesome!

What I really like about your stroke (and other successful TI swimmers) is the fluidity (is there such a word?) and the obvious forward motion rather than the side to side motion.

Question about spl--your count seemed to be 20 to 23 on some lengths. Is that in your green zone?

Overall you make this look quite easy. If you had to attach a RPE of your swim, what number would you give?

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